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Artist Anderson, (born Marlon Anderson) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and community leader. He was born and raised in Richmond VA where he comes from a musical family: his dad (Robert James Anderson III) being a singer, musician, and songwriter: his mother (Sharon Anderson) also being a musician. Artist received his start in music singing with his dad and brother Branden Anderson. Collectively they were known as “Bob Andersonand sons.” The group became very popular in their hometown of Richmond VA, appearing on television shows and singing every week at various churches across the area. Later on, Artist would be one of the foundational members of the international, Stellar & Dove Award Nominated Group G.I. They went on to have numerous Billboard Radio Hits/Billboard Top Albums. Around 2010 Artist was led to leave the group and begin pastoring. Around 2015 Artist was led back to music to begin his solo career. After that, the rest is history. He released his debut EP “Life x Love x Music” in 2016 and his following has been growing ever since. On June 19, 2019 he released his much critically acclaimed single “I’m Blakkk,” streaming millions of views. Now, he is preparing to release his debut LP “Free.” It is a timely crafted masterpiece addressing much of what is happening in the world today. Artist Anderson is the overseer of TRM (The Renaissance Movement), his nonprofit organization created to build communities and expand a culture through love, unity, and fellowship. TRM has become a dependable source of encouragement and personal development in all aspects of life for people across the globe. Artist aims to influence this generation, and be a voice for this generation. His aim is to be more than a rapper, singer and producer, but a role model and a standard as to what it means to be a Man. Past the music, he wants to be known as a man of integrity, honesty, and purpose. Artist has a message through his music that he hopes will start revolution for change, reform, and transformation, making the world a better place.